10 Mysterious Places on Earth

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Our earth is full of many beautiful mysteries, such mysteries which no one has found to date, so friends, today we will talk about some such places that are very amazing and when seen, they do not seem real but rather a dream. If you want to know about unique places then Read this blog completely and

Number:-10) DragonsLottery:- It is said that trees also have life. And we consider it a lie but what would you do if it is true? Of course, you will be scared. Yes friends, it is true, there is a mysterious tree which when cut, blood comes out. Its name is Dragon Military, which is the Shudra of the country. These trees are found in the city, whenever they are cut, they start bleeding. Thousands of tourists come every year to see this sight. The age of this tree is considered to be 650 years and its height is about 10 to 12. The height of this tree is up to one meter. Every 10 years it grows by only one meter. It is considered a magical tree because the diseases occurring in the human blood are cured by the blood of this tree. Its red color, Teras, is used to make a substance called frankincense.

Number:- 9) Lake Hillier, Australia:- People says that water has no color but today we will tell you about such a thing that its color is pink. This lake is present in Western Australia but you would not like to know that it is like this. What is the reason, this lake is very small, and its area is only six hundred meters. Find Leela Selina present on the third floor. Its color is pink due to microorganisms. Because both Leela Selina and the salt red halo flax bacteria present in the lake come together to form Rat Dion. Due to this, the water present in the cereal looks pink and pulse. The red flame present in the salt contains 1 carotenoid which leaves a special red color. Despite the huge amount of salt on this day, swimming in it is safe so that you can swim comfortably here. This article is also known as Pink Article or Saline Lake.

Number:- 8) Ice Cave, Iceland:- Friends, have you ever seen an ice cave? If not, then let us take you on a tour of the ice cave today. How does it happen? About which you have hardly ever heard, this cave is present on a brave island in Europe. The length of this cave is more than 20 feet. It is made of ice from top to bottom. It is truly a unique wonder of nature. It is said that it is so cold here that no human being can stand there for long. The color of this cave sometimes appears white and sometimes blue which adds to its beauty. Its beauty is amazing. Every year thousands of people visit this cave. Tourists reach Iceland only to see the ice cave.

Number:-7) Fly Geyser:- It is a completely natural phenomenon that was created unknowingly by a farmer. This is from Mewar, America where a farmer wanted to do farming on barren land. When he started searching there, after a lot of digging, he got some success and what was this, this water was opening at a temperature of 200 degrees. Seeing this sight, the farmer got completely frightened and ran away from there. Now what he did was even more so. It will surprise you that gradually the hot water pit takes on a beautiful color and looks very attractive. Very rare minerals are found in its water. It reaches a height of five feet under the sky. This 741 Area in which geysers discharge water in 340 plants 6 Arguments .

Number:-6) Turquoise Ice Lake:- This is why by Voice IS Article It is one of the oldest freshwater lakes in the world. It is located in Siberia, the coldest region of Russia. Its uniqueness is the reason why it is called the Pour of Russia. The title of this lake is also given that the deeper it is, the deeper is its secret. This lake was formed about 50 million years ago due to the underground movement and the slipping of tectonic plates. The depth of this lake is about 60 42 meters and its surface The area of ​​this lake is 31792 square kilometers and very rare creatures are also found in the lake. This seal freezes in winter but the water is so clear that you can see up to one hundred and thirty feet inside the ice. Thousands of people come here in winter and admire its beauty.

Number:-5) Lake Natron, Tanzania:- Friends you must have heard the story of King Midas. He touch anything, it turns into gold, but have you heard about such a thing? Whatever is in the middle of the water turns into a stone. Today we are telling you about one such China. Take the net roll of this Northern Tanzania gym. The day is beautiful to see and it is equally dangerous for whoever touches its water. Whether it is a human being or an animal, it becomes made of stone. Scientists say that due to the presence of hydrogen and clean oil and limestone, it becomes like this. Jhal Lekh and Pandava reach this eight degrees. That element has also been found in water. This element is present in volcanic ash, the Egyptians used this element to keep mummies safe.

Number 4:- Glowworms Cave, New Zealand:- Just imagine how exciting it is to think that a bright light of light blue color is coming from somewhere inside a dark long tunnel. Actually, you can see such a sight on the seashore in New Zealand. Otherwise, it is in the North and West of New Zealand, among the people, a large number of Ignon worms are seen which are of bioluminescent species and only These organisms are found to perform a chemical process that produces light. This light is used to attract their prey. During this, they weave long webs like silk so that they can hunt the organisms trapped in them, the more hungry they are. They produce so much light that a lot of tourists come here to see them. These caves were discovered at the end of the 18th century. The pleasant weather of this place attracts tourists.

Number 3) Abraham Lake:- Let’s take Abraham Lake and add one more name to the beautiful lakes. Avraam Lekha Easley is located in Alberta, amidst the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The methane and ice in this lake are visible to those moving in it, which adds to its beauty. It is boiled by the bacteria present inside the gel when it is released into the gel. They make food from any living creatures present in them. In winter, the gas goes in the form of a block. It boils in the clear water of the lake. So, after selecting them, we look into the depth of the lake. Looking at them, it feels like a tower full of bills, from the depths of the heart. Having risen to the top, the lake is completely frozen, so people sit on it, cutting, and also have picnics.

Number:-2) Tianzi Mountains:- India’s neighboring country China has a wonderful natural heritage that is known to the whole world as the Son of Ghanshyam Ji. Seeing these mountains, known as Mountains, will take you to another world, if only for a short while. There are countless tall marble hills in this entire area, out of which the height of the highest peak is 1200 62.5 meters above sea level. Another specialty is the weather here which changes every moment, sometimes there is clear development and sometimes the whole area is filled with clouds. If we see this time from a height, then it looks like a science fiction movie where the clouds and Innumerable injuries are seen above. The Chinese government has arranged for only cars to see the beauty of this entire area and has also built a fifth place on the hills with the help of the hills.

Number:-1) Door To Hell:- A strange thing is the claims of Turkmenistan in this village. It is situated on Door To Hell, that is, like a spot of hell. It has two sports goods in it, in which natural fire has been burning continuously since 1971. The story of the construction of this pit is also unique. Let us tell you that the village is situated in Jasoria, where towards Turkmenistan. 14% of the population lives here. In 1971, scientists from the former Soviet Union came to this Judge area to search for oil and gas. When they chose this place located near the village for drilling, we set up here and started drilling. After some time of starting, this place went down, and with her friends, a 30-foot-wide and 65-foot-deep crater was formed. There was no loss of life in this accident, but due to fear of this, a large amount of methane gas started coming out. To stop it, they had two options. The scientist chose the second option and set it on fire. Since then this fire has been going on till now.

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